Leadership Development Academy

LEADERSHIP: A relational process of inspiring, empowering and influencing positive change.

The Leadership Development Academy prepares academic leaders with essential leadership skills through ten sessions that help each participant leverage inherent strengths.

Sessions of the Leadership Development Academy provide leadership exposure from guest speakers; civic outreach through service opportunities and invaluable networking opportunities with like-minded peers from across the university.

“…I have gained a lot of diverse leadership (and followership) knowledge and awareness of my need for growth in certain areas and ideas about how I can achieve that growth”

–Gwen Tyson

“The Academy was instrumental in developing lasting and significant relationships with colleagues from other units and service levels. The insight gained from these individuals enabled me to have a better idea of how the University operates as a whole. The projects and the interaction instilled upon me a new sense of commitment to a team-oriented approach to problem solving and creativity. The experience was enlightening, and the friendships obtained invaluable.”

–Steven Baker

“CLA offered me unique insight into my own leadership style, and not just the typical strengths and weaknesses, but a deep understanding of how I express myself as a leader in various situations. This has been an invaluable tool for managing my employees and working with my division’s leadership.”

–Jennifer Watson

“CLA inspired me to pursue and complete a doctorate in education.”

–Cheryl Dudasik-Wiggs


Of participants agreed that the session of the academy supported the ECU leadership definition.

Of participants agreed that they gained knowledge about the leadership/followership relational process

Indicated that the leadership literature enhanced their leadership capacity

Felt inspired to seek out leadership opportunities and to bring positive change at the university

Number of graduates who have advanced in leadership roles at ECU

Number of graduates who have advance at other universities/organizations