“This experience gave me a new sense of pride toward East Carolina University as an institution of higher education that exemplifies leadership and integrity. I have a greater appreciation for the “team approach” utilized by our upper administrators, in particular getting the necessary people ‘on the bus’.”

–Keith Keene

“The Chancellor’s Leadership Academy experience provided me with an opportunity to reset my identity as a thriving giver. The CLA is an inclusive community, where people with different backgrounds work together and reshape ECU’s vision as a giving community. CLA truly is a powerhouse in support of the ECU vision!

–Jim Ae Kang

“The CLA experience has helped me to gain knowledge about myself and my leadership style. I also gained first hand knowledge from university leaders who openly shared their experiences and thoughts regarding leadership and followership. I gained a wealth of information and developed friendships with great people!”

–Rebecca Whitley

“This experience pushed me out of my comfort zone. I have gained vision and confidence. It was enlightening and exposed me to a higher level of thinking. I am a proud faithful servant of the university and I feel that I am now better equipped to be a dynamic leader or a courageous follower.”

–Gwendolyn Jones

“This phenomenal CLA experience has been life changing! I am humbled to have been a part of this cohort. I have made life friendships and now have new collaborators!”

–Annette Greer

“The Chancellor’s Leadership Academy has been an outstanding experience. It has been informative, transformative, interesting and greatly contributed to my professional development.”

–Steven Asby

“I feel that participation in the CLA experience has been uplifting, collegial and very useful! I have gained a more positive view of leadership, greater confidence, and a desire to learn more. The Academy felt too short and I wish there were more sessions!”

–Armin Krishnan

“I feel that participation in the CLA experience has been an affirming, challenging, motivating and growth provoking journey. I feel that I have gained a lot of diverse leadership (and followership) knowledge. It has been an inspiring, educational/informative and challenging experience.”

–Gwen Tyson

“The CLA experience has been enjoyable and a positive learning experience. I have added to my body of knowledge regarding leadership and higher education. This has been an insightful fun experience and I enjoyed the opportunity to network!”

–Mark Moore

“Since participating in CLA I have taken on additional leadership opportunities in both the university and the broader academy.”

–Heidi Bonner

“The CLA has been a great opportunity for me to meet other faculty and staff across campus and share ideas and opinions about different aspects of leadership.”

–Amy Eason

“CLA offered me unique insight into my own leadership style, and not just the typical strengths and weaknesses, but a deep understanding of how I express myself as a leader in various situations. This has been an invaluable tool for managing my employees and working with my division’s leadership.”

–Jennifer Watson

“CLA not only advanced me in a new career change but it also revealed the impact of positives/negatives and its effects in an organization.”

–Kim Thompson

“The academy gave me the tools to lead from my current position.”

–Lamont Lowery

“I have been able to apply concepts in the leadership tasks that I have been assigned.”

–Merwan Mehta

“CLA gave so many opportunities for thoughtful reflection on leadership styles as well as work styles generally. It has changed the way I manage my work life.”

–Erin Frost

“CLA showed me leadership has many faces, voices and directions. Since becoming a CLA Fellow, I have focused on discovering my personal leadership identity and understanding who I am and who I can be to better serve others.”

–Chris Stansbury

“I feel that it directly led to my first management opportunity and I’m now a director.”

–Zack Loch

“…connected me with a group of leaders I still interact with around campus; and allowed me to foster connections that have really helped me in my role as Chair.”

–Andrew Morehead

“As an emerging leader, I was very excited to have an opportunity to join CLA in 2014. This experience allowed me to learn from some of the best leaders at ECU.”

–Jennifer Cabacar